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1.   Time Management For Job Developers And Case Managers
2.   How To Create A System For Monitoring Your Students And Participants
3.   103 Methods Of Job Developing
4.   How To Market Your Job Placement Components To Employers
5.   How To Make Each Placement Count
6.   The Hidden Job Market For Placements; Jobs Are Right In Your Back Yard
7.   Interviewing, Screening And Assessment For Job Placements
8.   Job Placement And Retention
9.   Your Program And Team Work
10.  Job Search Workshop/Job Club - How To Create And Present It
11.  Job Search/Job Placement/Finding Their Own Jobs
12.  Utilizing All Of Your Tools And Resources For Making Your Placement Numbers
13.  How To Work Your Desk And Manage It For Placements
14.  Employer Contact
15.  Placing The Skilled And Unskilled Into Employment
16.  How To Win Every Time With Employers
17.  How To Get Your Target Groups Hired
18.  How To Get The Employer To Buy Into Your Program
19.  Wake Up The Wealth Of Information In You For Placements
20.  How To Place Your Students Before Graduation
21.  How To Set Up A Job Placement Component In Your Program
22.  Marketing On A Budget For Placements
23.  How To Promote Change In Your Students And Participants
24.  How To Motivate And Propel Your Participants Toward Excellence
25.  Accountability – Getting Your Participants To Follow Through
26.  Monitoring Through Navigation For Retention
27.  How To Work Together In A One Stop For Placements
28.  Job Development For New Job Developers – A Plan To Succeed
29.  Customer Service To Keep The Employer Coming Back
30.  Relationships - Developing A Relationship With Employers For Placements
31.  How To Use The Barriers In Your Students And Participants For Placements
32.  How To Get The Employer In Your Community Committed To Your Program Or School
33.  Job Development Tools To Use Now And In The Future
34.  How Not To Sabotage Your Job Placement Programs
35.  Job Placement, Job Placement, Job Placement – How To Achieve Your Program And Personal Goals
36.  Assisting The Dislocated Workers and Ex-Offenders/Returnee To The Job Market
37.  Communication With Employers - What And What Not To Say
38.  How To Decorate Your Office For Placements
39.  Evaluations and Certificates – Motivating Your Participants and Students
40.  How To Supervise Your Job Development Staff For Placements
41.  Team Player - How To Use All Staff Members
42.  Count the Ways To Approach Employers
43.  How To increase Visibility in Your Community For Placements 
44.  Conflict Resolutions
45.  How To Use Your Resources For Placements
46.  How To Manage Your Job Placement Component Records
47.  Creating And Maintaining Employer Contact Information And Job Order Forms
48.  How To Create An Image In The Community For Placements
49.  When And How To Implement Your Program Incentive To Bring Employers On Board
50.  Job Matching For Placements – How To Use The Job Order Form
51.  How To Supervise Job Developers for Productivity And Placements
52.  How To Job Develop with large and Small Companies For Placements
53.  Marketing With an Edge
54.  Take A Job For A Job - Motivation
55.  Many Steps To Job Development
56.  How To Create Job Opportunities With Employers For Your Ex-Offenders, Disabled (Challenged) and other Target, Groups