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                                       SPEAKER INFORMATION
                                              Bernice Carter

  •Over 40 Years in this Industry

  •(CETA) Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (Manpower) Employment Agencies 

  •Worked with JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act) Private Industry Council, WIA (Workforce Investment Act), 
    (WIOA) Employment and Training - Updated Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act

  •Served on the committee to implement the Gain program

  •(Greater Avenues to Independence Now)

  •Supervised 8-14 job training and placement programs

  •Supervisor of Human Resource Department, responsible for the training of employees

  •Responsible for the Placement of applicants throughout the city from the Mayor’s office to street workers

  •Sat on many boards to hire police officers as well as other employees throughout the East Bay

  •Supervised and worked with three Executive Search Firms

  •Worked and working with Fortune 500 companies for placements

  •Worked and working with Small and midsize companies for placements

  •Travel Throughout the United States training school and job placement programs

  •Personally placed participants and worked with programs, schools, and agencies throughout the United States:
          Ex-offender, Challenged, Adult, Youth, Veterans, Welfare to Work, Department of Rehabilitation, Refugees, 
          Older Worker, Migrant Workers, Colleges, Career Centers, Unified School Districts, Personnel Agencies, 
          Dislocated Workers, Vocational Schools, Adult Schools and more.

  •Ms. Carter is an author of books and other printed materials.

                                                                Personal Note

 Ms. Carter comes from a family of 19 children, so working hard and ethics was one of the impacts that started her career as an employee 
 at the age of 12. She is from New York. Ms. Carter’s had the opportunity to be an educator at Stony Brook University and the University of 
 Jamaica, WI. She has used her education and experience to keep her in the industry for over 40 years. While teaching in Long Island, 
 New York, she was excited to match the right teacher to the job. Ms. Carter has only had four jobs in her life. But, in every career path, 
 it elevated her to a supervisory position that kept her deep in the loop of implementing and running job placement programs. Because of 
 her commitment to the industry, she would carry a caseload of participants that her staff could not place. Ms. Carter believes there is a job 
 for everyone and sometimes you need to look outside the box.

 Ms. Carter believes one of her most significant accomplishments is to be able to touch someone’s life to make a difference, by pointing the Job   Developer, Student or Participants in the right direction that would change their lives forever. One of the challenges she loves is to rescue a   program from losing their grants by personally instructing and assisting with making placements to increase the programs numbers for the   grants to continue.  Lastly, the love of sharing with other job placement professionals, the secrets of success in the job placement industry.
 The Director, Job Developer and Case Manager will be able to do their job with ease. Jobs programs are in the business of changing lives. 
 Ms. Carter is in the business of improving the lives of professionals in the job placement arena. The Director, Job Developer and Case Manager   will be able to do their job with ease.  Job programs are in the business of changing lives. Ms. Carter is in the business of changing the lives of 
 professionals in the job placement arena. So, the change rolls over to the programs students and the participants they serve. 
 To find out more about Ms. Carter, please read the evaluations of seminar attendees that share the personal opinion of the seminar as well 
 as their comments on the speaker.